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Where have all your members gone?

We can help you get them back!

Build Memberships for your Gym, Health Club, or Fitness Center

Where have all your members gone? Has your gym or wellness facility turned into a ghost town? Are the waiting rooms and training floors empty? What happened? For starters, there are many businesses out there currently experiencing the same situation. There are many instances where owners find themselves becoming complacent in their current environments. Productivity begins to stagnate, employees begin to feel owed rather than included, and consumers may see your programs as dull.

With a business that was netting six figures each month, an empty facility could be heart breaking. So how do you prevent this from happening to your company? How do you pick up the pieces and get back on the right track?

Since 2000 Gro With Us has provided expert consulting services to fitness and wellness facility owners stuck in these exact situations. By the time you realize your revenue and memberships are on the decline, you will be surprised how quickly the situation can go from bad to horrible. You’re stuck in quicksand, and the more flailing and panicking you succumb to, the faster you will sink. Gro With Us has found the way to stay calm and gradually emerge to victory. Our consulting and planning process has been engineered through years of assisting business owners recover their gym, health club or fitness center.

We’ll show you the best ways to operate, meet and exceed your projections, and coordinate your memberships and programs perfectly. Our approach is spread out across a 60 month period. We work alongside you helping you spotlight your programs, strengthen your weaknesses and increase revenue through membership sales, nutrition and retail opportunities. As we conclude our time together, you will already be profiting and have all of the skills and resources to succeed.

Gro’s revitalize, rebranding and redevelopment team will work with you and determine how to refresh, revise, and rebuild your existing fitness or wellness facility and turn around what your existing and new clients think about your business and the services you provide.

  • Who are you?
  • Is your brand clear to your clients?
  • What is your promise to your clients?
  • Has a new competitor arrived?
  • Do you need a renovation?
  • Is your facility growing 10% annually?
  • Are you marketing?
  • Do you have corporate programs?
  • What are the services you offer?
  • Are you in touch with your clients?
  • Are your PT services 60-80% of your income?
  • Do you have group classes?
  • What is your business brand?
  • What is your Mission Statement?
  • Has your memberships declined?
  • Do you need new equipment?
  • Are you using social media?
  • Do you have a sales system?
  • Are you marketing correctly?
  • Do you have an outreach program?
  • Do you need new services?
  • Do you have a personal training program?
  • Do you have small group classes?
  • Do you have “high energy” classes?

If any or all the above questions are not answered clearly and precisely, then we suggest Gro’s Revitalize, Rebrand and Renovate program.  This package is broken down and precisely planned into 20 steps.  Gro will provide your facility with an extensive 60-month commitment of expert consulting to get your facility back running at the highest level.

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