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Business Development Services

Our Business Development Services

As a full design, build and business development firm, Gro With Us has the experience and ingenuity to develop a successful, sustainable business model for your facility. Our unique, innovative business strategies will set your facility apart whether it is a gym, fitness center, health club, spa or resort. From understanding your business goals to realizing your vision in an attainable business structure, Gro With Us is your answer for all of your business development needs.


  • Who Are You?

  • Site Selection

  • Operational

  • Operatonal Software
    & Sales Training

  • PT Programs

  • Business

  • Business Planning

  • Equipment Selection

  • Juice Bar / Lounge Setup

  • Retail Setup

  • Branding Packages

  • Website Packages

Your business starts with you. What is your vision? What type of facility do you want to run? What are your financial capabilities?

Understanding Your Business

-What kind of facility do you want to open up?
-What services will you provide?
-What will set you apart from your competitors?
-What sort of capital will you need for this project?

Understanding Your Location

-Who are your competitors?
-What are your target demographics?
-Is your proposed business model the right choice for the location?

Once a proper vision for the facility has been determined, Gro With Us can assist in finding the best location for your facility. Location is everything – the right business model will not find you success if it is in the wrong location. With Gro With Us’ wealth of experience in not only consulting others but owning health clubs ourselves, you can rest assured Gro With Us can assist in finding the very best site for your facility.

An Operational Analysis is a complete breakdown and overview of how a facility is operating overall. This includes both the strengths of the facility and the weaknesses as well, and possible critical components that could be missing. Gro With Us will identify the definitive aspects of the facility that require attention to make your facility more efficient and cost-effective.

Our state-of-the-art Operational Software will keep your facility on the cutting-edge.

This software includes:
-Personal Training Systems
-Sales and Membership Systems
-Client Relationship Systems
-24 Hour Support

With our operational software installed, Gro With Us will offer on-site training to staff members in order to become competent and comfortable with the new, state-of-the-art technology.

Personal Training Programs and other special group classes are a significant part of a facility’s ability to attract memberships and generate revenue. As a leading consulting firm for gyms, fitness centers and health clubs, Gro With Us can innovate your facility with fun, results-driven classes and programs that will set your gym or health club apart from the rest.

Whether your business is forced to go under a restructuring due to ownership changes or your operational structure simply isn’t operating to best suit your needs, it is important that you go about your business restructuring in the right way. As a leading consultant in the fitness and wellness industry, Gro With Us is no stranger to revamping and revitalizing a business operation in order to maximize a facility’s potential.

Gro’s specialty is creating a master plan that clearly conceptualizes every step of the way from beginning to end. Especially if you are inexperienced in running a facility, nothing can be harder than creating a plan that covers all bases and lays out a cost-effective plan for sustainable financial success. With Gro With Us on board, you will find comfort and trust in a plan that you know will see your vision fulfilled.

There are plenty of questions to answer when selecting equipment for your health club.

Our commercial equipment leasing programs can be designed to meet the cash flow needs of our customers. Since all equipment buyers do not have the same revenue trends and allocated expenditures for equipment, Allstate Capital meets different customer needs by offering flexible lease payment programs and equipment financing terms. Most leasing companies are not sensitive to customers cash flow needs like Allstate Capital. Our standard lease terms are 12 to 60 months (72 and 84 month terms are available for specific equipment types). We offer 90 day to 6 month deferred payment programs for customers seeking to produce revenues before paying for the equipment. We have seasonal and skip payment programs for businesses that have low revenue trends during certain times of the year. We offer quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment plans for government and municipal customers.

A Juice Bar can add a lot to your health club or wellness center, increasing memberships and sales. In setting up your juice bar and lounge, Gro With Us will work with you diligently and cost-effectively with the budget in mind, determine the layout, design a look that is consistent with your vision and branding, and complete the delivery and installation.

A retail or pro shop area in your facility can be a good source of revenue and reinforce your brand and image. In setting up a pro shop, Gro With Us will create the layout, system design and budgeting.

Gro With Us will work with you to develop your marketing materials for your facility, from business cards to brochures.

Gro’s team will will with you and utilize a highly regarded and successful web and marketing firm to develop your website.