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Business Redevelopment


We Grow Your Business – Expert Consulting and Business Development

Please ask yourself four very important questions.

  1. Do you own an existing health or wellness facility and need to increase profitability?
  2. Do you own an existing facility that is borderline and your business income exceeds your expenses?
  3. Do you own an existing facility that is incomplete, in desperation mode and in need of recovery?
  4. How can we assist you?

We can assist you!  We have been providing unique designs and innovative business development strategies for Health and Wellness facilities for 14 years working with small family owned and operated facilities as well as top fortune 500 organizations. We span across 32 different states and 2 international countries and have a clear understanding of what works and what does not work in business development.

Every business has different demographics, fitness programs, types of wellness programs, age groups and most importantly completions.

What Gro has to offer is a pattern system that we develop for small and large health clubs and wellness centers. Our systems and programs are broken down into 3 categories based on your specific needs.

So, who would benefit from Gro’s GR3 Program?

Clients who retain Gro’s GR3 Packages would range from 0 to negative 10% each month to break even. Gro believes a healthy facility’s total income should be broken down in the following manner:

  • Payroll expenses – maximum of 40%
  • Rent including CAM & taxes – maximum of 16%
  • Operations – maximum of 20%
  • Marketing – minimum of 7%
  • Profit margin should be ~12% (meaning you are -22% each month if you do not have a 12% profit margin)