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Design Services

Our Design Services

As a full design, build and business development firm, Gro With Us has the experience and ingenuity to complete any and all aspects of a design project. Our unique, award-winning designs will set your facility apart whether it is a gym, fitness center, health club, spa or resort. Whether you are looking for a firm to do interior furnishings or a complete design project, Gro With Us is your answer for all of your design needs.

  • Site Analysis

  • Existing Condition

  • Interior Design

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • Municipal Approvals

  • Planning Board

A site analysis is the review of your presented location. A Gro representative will conduct a preliminary walkthrough of the existing location, taking into account the site conditions, traffic patterns, accessibility, parking and the overall surrounding environment as well as the impact this type of project will have on the adjacent businesses.

Gro will develop a zoning analysis to be submitted to the local zoning department. Upon the submission of analysis, a formal meeting will be set up to discuss the use change and determine the impact these changes will have on the site, building and project time frame and if planning board approval is required.

Gro will conduct a feasibility study to review the the building’s ability to be made into a health and wellness center. Such areas as the building’s electrical systems, mechanical systems, plumbing and fire safety will be inspected.

Our existing conditions analysis is a team investigation that over several days will produce an existing condition plan, including:

-Existing Site Plan
-Existing Floor Plans
-Existing Building Sections
-Existing Building Elevations
-Existing Building Code Analysis
-Development of Municipality Feasibility
-Development of Existing:
—Roof Plans
—Floor Framing Plan
—Reflective Ceiling Plans
—Electrical Plans
—Mechanical Plan
—Equipment Plan
—Photo Report
—Conditions Video

Our cutting-edge design professionals provide our clients with interior design services like no other firm. Our unique interior design team offers specialized planning and design experience, while respecting your vision, budget and schedule objectives.

Included in our Interior Design services:
-Interior Design
– Interior Design Documents and Specifications
– Design and Decor Selection
-Cabinetry Design and selection
-Space Planning

Our comprehensive design approach to architecture reflects your personality with a combination of your vision and our creative expertise.

Our approach is founded upon a system of processes: by developing a program listing your objectives and understanding to existing conditions, we can develop a construction budget and scope of work that will truly work. This process is one of listening, asking questions and exploring your possibilities.

Included in our architectural services:
-Land Development
-New Facilities
-Interior Renovations
-Exterior Renovations

Our engineering services cover a number of areas, including plumbing, electrical, low voltage, life safety, mechanical, sprinkler and fire alarm systems.

Engineering services include:
-Product Specification
-Permits, inspections and sign-offs

Getting municipal approval for a project can often be one of the more difficult aspects. Gro knows it is important to know how the project will impact the surrounding area and other important factors in order to obtain the proper building permits.

Planning board meetings can often be difficult situations, and the team at Gro With Us has plenty of experience successfully navigating these issues and making sure your project sucessfully obtains zoning compliance.