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Leasing Programs

Leasing Programs for Gym, Health Club, and Fitness Center Equipment

Our commercial equipment leasing programs can be designed to meet the cash flow needs of our customers.  Since all equipment buyers do not have the same revenue trends and allocated expenditures for equipment, Allstate Capital meets different customer needs by offering flexible lease payment programs and equipment financing terms. Most leasing companies are not sensitive to customers cash flow needs like Allstate Capital.  Our standard lease terms are 12 to 60 months (72 and 84 month terms are available for specific equipment types). We offer 90 day to 6 month deferred payment programs for customers seeking to produce revenues before paying for the equipment. We have seasonal and skip payment programs for businesses that have low revenue trends during certain times of the year. We offer quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment plans for government and municipal customers.

Our Leases are typically “Lease-to-Own”.

We do titled and non-titled equipment. Municipal leases are available with the best rates in the industry. We offer special programs for National and Major Accounts. Please call us to go over your specific needs and hear about our customized programs. Rates will vary due to the dollar size of the transaction, equipment type, time in business, credit, etc. Please contact us for a current customized quote.