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SBA Loans for Gym / Fitness Center Financing

SBA Loans for Gym / Fitness Center Financing

SBA LoanBy mid-year 2013, SBA lending volume increased 80% over the previous 12 months. Institutions that never before considered making SBA loans have changed their minds about offering these credits with good reason. With the experts at Gro With Us simplifying the process, bankers easily reap the advantages that government-backed lending offers.

Consider the benefits of SBA lending for your bank:

  • Non-interest fee income
  • Lenders stand to generate significant income, while government guarantees help to mitigate their capital leverage issues.
  • Competitive advantage

Making more loans in your local market will help you compete more effectively and the business you attract through SBA and USDA lending can enhance brand loyalty for your bank.

Greater Profitability

Small businesses (such as medical practices, professional services and others) prove to be, on average, 250% more profitable than consumer relationships.

Product Penetration

Lending relationships can result in growth opportunities for your institution, often attracting other deposits and expanding the utilization of other products you offer.

Secondary Market Sale

Once a loan is closed, the guaranteed portion can be quickly and easily sold to investors, typically earning the lender a 7-10% premium on the guaranteed portion.