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Redeveloping Your Facility: Keep These Tips in Mind!

Are you thinking about making major changes to your existing facility? In trying to turn around your business, a new image and business strategy often is not enough. A run-down, poor looking facility will keep potential clients away no matter how good your services may be. If you have a facility that is in need of both a fresh business model and an updated look, you need a complete redevelopment.

A complete redevelopment can be a serious investment, but it is one that will bring your facility to the cutting-edge and bring your facility to a new level. Gro With Us believes in a proactive approach – if you are asking yourself whether or not to redevelop, then you already have the answer. Here are our top tips to think about when approaching a redevelopment.

  • GRO Tip 1 – If you do not redevelop a recently purchased facility: branding, new equipment, new interiors; your chance of success is less than 10%!
  • GRO Tip 2 – If the facility is over 7 years old, you need anywhere from $26-40 a square foot to renovate and another $19 per square foot for equipment.
  • GRO Tip 3 – Create the right brand for the right business model!
  • GRO Tip 4 – Know your business model and plan before attempting to redevelop.
  • GRO Tip 5 – You need to rethink with new sales strategies and a fresh marketing plan!
  • GRO Tip 6 – Streamline the system of operations.
  • GRO Tip 7 – Develop new fitness programs like small + large group training, depending on business model.
  • GRO Tip 8 – Implement new Client Relationship Management system!
  • GRO Tip 9 – Utilize a sales street team in your marketing. Stay consistent with monthly newsletter and email blasting.

No matter how prepared you think you are, remember that a redevelopment is a major investment of time and money. It is a process that is best not entered alone. At Gro With Us, we can show you the best ways to operate, meet and exceed your projections, and provide you with award-winning designs as well.