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Top Ten Tips for Health Club Design

Are you seeking advice on how to design and construct your gym, health club or fitness center project? When looking to start a new facility or purchase an existing one, it is not enough to simply have a good business plan and expect success. A facility needs the right design, and a great design can make a significant difference in the facility’s ability to generate income.

It is key for a facility to have a design that invigorates the human spirit. You want your gym or health club to be a place that creates energy, promotes self-improvement and has an important social element as well. Thus, it is important to not just view your facility from the perspective of efficient engineering, but also to make sure your facility encourages an energetic, upbeat feeling that clients enjoy being a part of.

Here are our top ten tips for getting the most out of your facility’s design.

  • GRO Tip 1 – Knowing the right business philosophy will equate to the right design; form follows function!
  • GRO Tip 2 – Using different flooring types in a facility can dramatically change overall appearance and feel.
  • GRO Tip 3 – Your reception is your hotel lobby… the reception area is the client’s first impression. Make sure it stands out!
  • GRO Tip 4 – Locker rooms are expensive, but it is well worth spending the extra money to provide a beautiful experience.
  • GRO Tip 5 – Sales offices should be designed and located where the ability to see the main floor activities is easy. It should never feel confined and/or uncomfortable.
  • GRO Tip 6 – If functional training area is correctly designed and program implemented, this area will produce the most income of entire facility.
  • GRO Tip 7 – A lack of natural light can make space lack energy. Refracting light is a key to naturally lighting up areas of your facility.
  • GRO Tip 8 – Using natural materials such as stone, wood, and green products will give a natural invigoration of the human senses.
  • GRO Tip 9 – Use oversize images. It is one of the best ways to transform room or space into feeling you are anywhere in the world!
  • GRO Tip 10 – Small lounges in free weight areas can increase the social aspect of your club!

As experts in the fitness and wellness industry, Gro With Us has extensive experience in creating unique designs that both invigorate the human senses and provide the most cost-effective buildout. Reach out to Gro With Us at 908-242-8194 and get your project started today.