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Corporate Fitness Facilities

Corporate fitness and wellness facilities are important factors for the growth and success of your business. You will be amazed by how much influence you can gain just by improving your employee’s health and physical activity. With a corporate fitness facility or wellness center, you can help improve productivity and help your employees achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know?

  1. A healthier workplace performs better and more efficiently. Studies have shown a 7% gain in work volume, not bad!
  2. Corporate fitness reduces absenteeism by 1.3 days.
  3. Corporate fitness studies have shown that employees with a higher body mass index are more likely to use twice as many sick days as someone is more fit.
  4. Corporate fitness lowers healthcare costs.
  5. Corporations with fitness centers can experience medical cost savings of $500 to $900 per employee each year.
  6. A corporate fitness center can reduce your employee turnover rate by 16%.

Gro will design and/or develop a corporate fitness center that will embrace physical and group activities.  Once Gro performs an analysis of your employee needs, we will develop a design program to determine the necessary room size, layout the facility and equipment. So with all these benefits that accompany corporate fitness programs, why aren’t you offering it? Improve your employee’s sense of commitment and morale with a corporate wellness program. See how we can add a fitness facility or wellness programs to your office(s), let Gro get started today. Give us a call to discuss a customized package to fit your needs.

Types of Corporate Facilities we have assisted:

  • Various sizes and types of Corporate Fitness Facilities
  • Various Corporate Wellness Programs

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