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Hotel Fitness Centers

Today more hotels and resorts are trying to compete with each other by adding spas to their establishments, neglecting the premise of an onsite fitness center. Shouldn’t you be able to provide your guests with the first class experience they deserve by also having a state of the art, managed fitness center within a short walk? Even if you are a “spa-oriented” attraction, a fully equipped fitness center can give you an edge and separate you from the surrounding competitors. With our years of experience in both fitness and hospitality, Gro With Us can provide you with knowledgeable development, marketing and consulting services and fitness center solutions. We have provided awe-inspiring designs to successful five star resorts all over the world, and we can give you the same level of attention and service to improve your facility. A couple of free weights and benches in a poorly lit basement room does not count as a fitness center. No guest likes to workout in a damp, stuffy and depressing basement, and your patrons shouldn’t have to settle for that.

Improve Your Image With A Fitness Center

With a few simple suggestions, we can improve your overall appeal with an engaging space for exercise for your members. Take a look:

  • Offer high-end equipment (i.e.: Life Fitness, Precor, I-Carian, and other machines with private viewing screens)
  • Avoid the basement and offer impressive views and natural light for your guests
  • Add an indoor heated lap pool (if space permits) or add an adjacent indoor pool with whirlpool and massage services
  • Provide your guests with the ability to have 24-hour access to a managed facility
  • Add a cardio room or area with ellipticals, treadmills, and exercise bikes
  • Offer special daily programs like yoga, zumba, pilates and more
  • A sun deck with some simple lounging furniture can provide a nice and comfortable retreat for post workout
  • Offer outdoor classes or fitness training during the warmer seasons

All of the above are possible and feasible with the right designs and budget. You can take a look at how we helped improve reputations of these hotels and resorts or start planning out your next project with Gro.

Types of Hotel Facilities We Have Assisted

  • Various sizes and types of hotel fitness facilities

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